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Program of Koto

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Famous program of Koto

Spring Sea

Songs : Michio Miyagi
Formation : koto, shakuhachi(rokusunkan)
Explanation : This song expresses a peaceful spring scene of the Seto Inland Sea and is ABA ternary form.
A is slowly and expreses a calm beach.
B is up-tempo and expresses boatman who is pulling on the oar and singing the boat song.
Many people like this song as one’s most famous songs of Japanese music.

Song of First Quarter

Songs : Tadao Sawai
Formation : koto, shakuhachi
Explanation : This song expresses some people of the old days that pray to the mysterious moon for each wish.
It has a passionate atmosphere of Japanese traditional music.
It starts with free session of koto and shakuhachi.

Shirabe of Rokudan

Formation : koto solo
Explanation : This song is popular because it is instrumental song.
It is etude of hands and beginner song.
It is interesting because we can see change in melody of each step.


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