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What's Shakuhachi and Koto?


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What’s Shakuhachi and Koto?

About shakuhachi

Shakuhachi is one of the Japanese music instrument made of bamboo. There were ancient shakuhachies which is used for gagaku in Nara~Heian period, Hitoyogiri which is liked by samurai and the people in the early modern times, and Fukeshakuhachi which was played by Komusou in Edo period. We often say shakuhachi, it refers to 3rd one.

About koto

Shakuhachi is a recorder which is made by bamboo near the root of it. There’re 4 holes in front of the shakuhachi and 1 hole in back of the shakuhachi. It calls "shakuhachi" because the length of it is about 55 centimeters, in Japanese “Isshaku-hassun”, but recently many length of shakuhachi are used. There are different schools of it for example Kinkoryu, Tozanryuu, and Myouanryu.


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