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What's Kyogen and Noh?



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What’s kyogen and noh?

We'll introduce about kyogen and noh

What’s kyogen and noh?


Come think of it, there’re some explanations of kyogen on the Japanese textbook.


That’s right. And we learned noh and kyogen are close each other.


Yes. These two are Japanese traditional performing arts.


Of course!


Well, let’s look about kyogen and noh here.

Most of noh program’s themes are tragedy. Shite who is the main character and Ado who is the sub supporting character sing, Jiutai which is a group of chorus and Hayashi which is a group that flute, tsuzumi (a small shoulder drum played with one’s fingertips), and drum belong to join to the program. Most of kyogen program’s themes are comedy, and they usually don’t use song and Hayashi. At the Noukai (stage performance of kyogen and noh), they perform kyogen between noh program which is about 1 hour, and this type of kyogen called Noh-kyougen. About of it they usually don’t use masks, because audiences are able to understand character’s feeling from actor’s faces, so many serifs are said by standing stiff and still.

In other hand, Nenbutsuodori and skit which started by shines and temple to spread religion at the Nenbutsuhoukai became like more and more dramatic. This is Nenbustukyogen. About of it, the actors who is acting are wearing masks and audiences can’t understand their expressions, so actors act by exaggerated gestures.


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