What do you image when you hear “traditional performing art”?

What do you image when you hear “traditional performing art”?
It lasts long time ago? Or it’s far away from you?
We think many people have many images, but many of you may have images like above.
But, it’s not true. Traditional performing arts have a part leads to now, and covers themes popular recently. It’s very easy to feel friendly feeling and fascinating.
Nevertheless, present the world of traditional performing arts are faced on crisis of extinction.
Young people can save it, that’s you.
We introduce clearly you can understand easily 5 traditional performing arts.
And we went to an interview people engaged in that way.
We hope that you feel traditional performing arts familiar by reading messages from professional of the way and people who are the same generation.

01/2017 "Learning Traditional Performing Art with Kamome" was created

Root of "GO"

Our domain “GO” has three meanings.
The first meaning is made this web-site by 5 students.
The second meaning is worked on 5 traditional performing arts “kabuki”, “kyogen, noh”, “nippon-buyo”, “koto, syakuhaci” and “nagauta”.
And the last meaning is we hope this web site “Learn traditional performing art with kamome” will be a chance to challenge young people to traditional performing arts.
We are going to school which concentrating traditional performing arts, and we always feel how wonderful it is.
Thus, we worked on by our thoughts that we want young people to know the good points of traditional performing arts.

About character, "Go / Denko"

Go and Denko are a first-year junior high school students.
Since they want to learn about traditional performing arts, they came here to learn them from Kamomen.
Why don’t you learn with them?

About character, "Kamomen"

We made this character as our school symbol.
He is familiar with traditional performing arts and introduce them easy to understand.
Let’s learn about traditional performing arts with Kamomen!


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